The Admin Side of Weddings

Whilst i have a lot of experience on the actual hotel side and operations of weddings, i was non the wiser on the process of actually booking your church, notifying the state etc.

Here is what i found out (this is applicable for the good oul Catholic Ceremony!)

1. Figure out what church you are going to get married in

2. Talk to that priest and ask him for available dates/times and if he is available to do the ceremony or if you need to bring your own priest.

3. Confirm the date and time and he will pencil you in.

4. If you or your fiance is from another parish you will need to get a letter of release from your parish priest. You just need to call them, tell them you need one and visit the office and collect.

5. You will need to notify the state 3 months before the wedding date – i am doing this 4 months before just to be on the safe side.

6. To book this appointment you can log on to:

7. When you go to your appointment you will need the following:

A – €200

B – Both Passports

C- Original Birth Cert and A Photocopy

D – Utility Bill with Proof of Address

E – PPS Number Proof

F – Names & Dates of Birth of Both Witnesses

E – Name & Address of Priest

8. You should get a certificate which you need to hand the priest

9. You will also need to do your pre-marriage course

10. Your priest will also sit down and do the Pre Nuptial form with you.

I think thats it but if im missing anything please comment below!

The First Wedding Question I’m Asked

The first wedding question I’m always asked is `Where do I start?`
I try to answer this in a few short bullet points.

1. Keep calm!
2. Sit down together and discuss the type of of wedding you both want along with dates, budget and ideal venue.
3. Once decided shortlist venues or countries that you would like to host your wedding with – there are so many online directories that you can use to source this information.
4. Out of your selection arrange a viewing or consultation with the venue or destination planner.
5. Prepare a list of questions for them – don’t worry no question is too silly.
6. Go through your options and do not leave without a quote.
7. Get a list of available dates and make contact with your ceremony provider to see if your dates are available

At this point you will have an option to book and okay deposits.
This is just a starting point to get you going. Take micro steps, don’t try and do everything at once!

Quigley Hall – Irelands Newest Wedding Venue


Our Wedding Venue….EEEK!

I’ve worked in weddings for years and when you work in hotels you see how everything works and there would be no big surprise for my own wedding.

I wanted to do something different, something that i could apply my wedding planning skills to and also push my planning abilities to a new level.

My fiance is lucky to have a wonderful family. His grandmother  is age 96 and is one of the sharpest people i have ever met. She knows how to skype and use an ipad. She lives in Banagher in Co. Offaly and that is where my fiances father grew up. Since the very first time that i was brought to meet all of the family on that side i felt so welcome and at home. When i heard that his grans house had a sports hall (random), i got very curious. Turns out it wasn’t always a sports hall. It used to be used for the show band dances back in the day and also the town hall. What i found out after i got the idea in my head that i wanted to get married there was that his gran got married there and her mother before that.

As his gran said ‘if its good enough for me its good enough for them’! and she is right.

We had Gorilla Design in and went through lighting and draping themes. We need to work out what we need from an electricity point of view. We also need to gut the place from doing the garden, to painting toilets, buffing floors… name it we’ve to do it! Luckily we have amazing friends who have volunteered to come to down and help us do some of the manual labour!

This time next year we will have transformed this hall in to a stunning wedding venue….hopefully. Im sure there will be many disasters on the way but fingers crossed i keep calm!

Sorry for the delay!

So its been a crazy few weeks….

Here’s what happened:

1. Got Pleurisy

2. Finished college

3. Found my wedding dress

4. Went to Vegas

5. Bought my wedding dress

6. Booked my band

7. Booked my photographer

8. Confirmed the venue

9. Planning my friends hen

and now i start trying to find all the items to turn my venue in to a ‘wedding venue’…….I have so much to tell you!

I’ll be doing a wedding blog for in the next few days and i’ll fill you in on each of those items!


Special Guest Blogger on Wedding Dates!

engagement rings dublin

My Temporary Engagement Ring!

Great News! Last week i got engaged and have been on an all time high ever since! The wonderful gang over at asked me to guest blog through my wedding planning process!

Even though i know weddings pretty well, when its your own its all very new. Make sure to tune in to the guest features.

This weekend im going engagement ring hunting and im going to try my local jewelers in Meath, the usual suspects and also going to investigate getting a ring made.

I was lucky to get a gorgeous temporary ring, its a Swarovski Crystal ring so i will have this one forever but the problem is that it is gorgeous and to get it in a real diamond format would cost an arm and a leg!

I have my work cut out!