Wedding Cake Toppers

I have seen some brilliant cake toppers in my time and the quirkier the better! Some of the best i have seen have been the ones that are the replica’s of the couple. I was doing my usual browsing through Facebook and Twitter and i came across these really cute ones from Ana’s Adorable Crafts. Based in Dublin, she does a wide range of cake toppers for all occasions and not just weddings. I got in touch and asked her for a bit more information to pass to you guys!

The toppers are 100% handmade which i couldn’t believe. There are a lot that are machine made or are a mix of produced mould and then hand painted. From what i could tell, Ana is a bit of a perfectionist and loves to get all of the small details right. They take apx 20 days between order, production and delivery. To look at them you would think that they are heavy but they are made from foam so they are light and wont damage a cake. She uses a small bit of fabric as well but again, the pieces are really light. They last forever due to them being made of foam….if they fall on the floor, all may not be lost! They are a little taller than the normal ones that you can get on the market. The price works out at about €60 plus postage and packaging. This covers a piece with a couple. If there are some additional extras needed they are charged as extra but within the €60 you should see most covered. It may seem like a big investment for a cake topper but this isn’t just for one day, you can keep this as a keep sake plus it makes for a nice gift to give the bride and groom if you are in the wedding party! Take a look at some of Ana’s work below. If you want to see more, check out her Facebook page!

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Wedding Hair Trial

Ciara Working Hard

Ciara Working Hard

Top Tips When Going To Your Hair Trial – By Ciara’s Hair Creations – Mobile Wedding Hairdresser.

1. Wait until you have your dress decided on and bought as the style of the dress will determine the best look for your hair.

2. Collect pictures of styles that you love and bring them with you on the day.

3. Wash your hair the night before if you are thinking about an up-style as it will hold better the following morning. 

4. Keep an open mind, the looks that you love in the magazine may not be the best match for you, your hair type and face shape. A good stylist may be able to show you an alternative which will suit you better.

5. If you’re not happy with the trial, don’t worry, explain what you don’t like and if even if you cant explain, no problem, just start from scratch until you get to a style that you are in love with.

6. If you plan on using extensions, discuss the best options with your stylist as that may offer more opportunities for different styles or it may limit you on others. It is recommended that you bring the extensions with you for the trail so that you eliminate any chance for hiccups on the day. Try to get real hair as synthetic wont be able to take the heat from curling irons or straighteners.

7. Try and get your hair in to tip top shape in advanced so that it is looking its best at the trial and on the big day. Check out Ciara’s tips on how you can do this.

What great tips! If you would like to learn more about Ciara check out her Facebook page.