Wedding Dress Illustrations


Audrey Vance of Wedding Dress Ink

I came across this very unique company the other day and felt compelled to sharing!

In a nutshell, it’s an illustration of your wedding dress! This amazing idea came from Audrey Vance, she’s an illustrator from Bray. Her idea stems from her own experience. She had just returned from her own honeymoon and was about to put her dress away and whilst still mourning it, she worked up a sketch, framed it and to this day it hangs in her home. I love the sentimental thought behind this and I am certainly interested in getting it done myself.  Once friends of Audrey spotted her masterpiece, they started requested her services and that’s where ‘Wedding Dress Ink’ started.

As Audrey said herself  ‘it evokes wonderful memories and also somehow embodies your hopes and dreams for the future’. I couldn’t agree more!

Three years after setting up, Audrey has picked up some lovely high profile commissions for birthdays and weddings from worlds of Irish modelling and rugby including Rosanna Davison, Nadia Forde, Pippa O’Connor Ormond, Peter Stringer and Jonathon Sexton.

Attention to detail is the mantra for Wedding Dress Ink. Each illustration starts with analysing the wedding day photographs and drafting the perfect angle to show off each individual dress. Once Audrey is happy, she’ll commit the fashion outline to watercolour paper and meticulously add layers of cross-hatching and ink shading to capture the unique details, seams, and fall of the fabrics. Washes of Indian black ink are painted onto the background to allow the dress to shine through. When the textured mount is signed and embossed with the company seal it’s ready for framing and shipping worldwide.

It costs €295 for the illustration and an additional €55 for framing.

It would make a fabulous gift to the bride!

If you would like more details, visit or email

Here are some samples of Audrey’s work:

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