Quigley Hall – Irelands Newest Wedding Venue


Our Wedding Venue….EEEK!

I’ve worked in weddings for years and when you work in hotels you see how everything works and there would be no big surprise for my own wedding.

I wanted to do something different, something that i could apply my wedding planning skills to and also push my planning abilities to a new level.

My fiance is lucky to have a wonderful family. His grandmother¬† is age 96 and is one of the sharpest people i have ever met. She knows how to skype and use an ipad. She lives in Banagher in Co. Offaly and that is where my fiances father grew up. Since the very first time that i was brought to meet all of the family on that side i felt so welcome and at home. When i heard that his grans house had a sports hall (random), i got very curious. Turns out it wasn’t always a sports hall. It used to be used for the show band dances back in the day and also the town hall. What i found out after i got the idea in my head that i wanted to get married there was that his gran got married there and her mother before that.

As his gran said ‘if its good enough for me its good enough for them’! and she is right.

We had Gorilla Design in and went through lighting and draping themes. We need to work out what we need from an electricity point of view. We also need to gut the place from doing the garden, to painting toilets, buffing floors…..you name it we’ve to do it! Luckily we have amazing friends who have volunteered to come to down and help us do some of the manual labour!

This time next year we will have transformed this hall in to a stunning wedding venue….hopefully. Im sure there will be many disasters on the way but fingers crossed i keep calm!

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