Wedding Venue and Supplier Price Comparison Rough Work

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This spread sheet is a rough work excel which is aimed to help you compare your wedding venue and supplier offerings.

It’s not the most beautiful spreadsheet but it gives you a structure to build upon. It gets you thinking and allows you to dig in to the packages to identify gaps and extras you might need. It also allows you to brain dump your feelings about each vendor as sometimes we don’t mind paying extra for something we get that ‘gut feeling’ about.

How it works:

  • There are 2 tabs – one for venue and another for a sample vendor.
  • Taking the venue one, you have two lines, the first is breaking out the package, the second covers any extras.
  • Lay everything out and add in columns and rows depending on what you need
  • Use a grand total tally to give you full sight of the package
  • Once you complete per venue, go to the summary and jot down your notes for each venue. This is where you can list out the pros and cons etc.
  • Hope this helps!

Hope this helps!

To keep a log on your total budget, you can download my wedding budget template.

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